Time For A Change To Our 90 Year Old Rego System

Roads Minister Duncan Gay today announced the biggest proposed changes to light vehicle registration in NSW in 90 years.

Major changes to car registration including incentives to encourage motorists to choose vehicles with high safety standards have been released today for public feedback.

“Our registration system, which dates back to 1924 is based almost solely on calculating registration fees by vehicle weight,” Minister Gay said.

“Just consider how much the fleet on NSW roads has changed in 90 years, from the early vintage classics to the big bodied muscle cars of the 70’s and the hybrids of recent years.

“Today I’ve released Vehicle Registration Initiatives which proposes incentives for buying safer cars based on the ANCAP safety rating system.

“The proposed changes would also recognise cleaner vehicles, safer motorcycles and would also reduce registration charges for most caravans and light trailers.

“Road crashes cost the NSW community more than $5 billion per year, so initiatives geared at encouraging motorists to choose safer vehicles will help to lower these costs.

“The new pricing system would apply only to new cars and new motorcycles to encourage people out in the market to choose a safer, cleaner model.

“The proposed changes could also have flow on effects for motorcycles, light trailers and caravans.

“Research shows that motorcycles with lower power to weight ratios and fitted with Anti-lock Braking Systems are much safer for riders, so we are considering lower registration charges based on these features.
“It currently costs more to register caravans in NSW than in other state. A new charging system to reduce caravan registration costs would also acknowledge they are generally used much less on NSW roads than regular passenger vehicles.

“I encourage people to provide feedback on the proposed changes until 24 July
at http://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/engagement/vehicle-registration-initiatives,”
Mr Gay said.