Workers Comp Reforms A Win For Small Business

Small business employers and workers in the Hills have greatly benefitted from changes to the workers compensation scheme, which have made NSW a safer and more productive place to work, Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott said today.

WorkCover NSW data for the first 12 months since the reforms were introduced show improvements across the board with greater support for injured workers, reductions in red tape and more workers returning to the workforce.

“These reforms have been aimed at making premiums fairer, more affordable and easier to understand for employers and stakeholders,” Mr Elliott said.

“Importantly these reforms created real incentives for business to encourage safe return or recovery at work for injured workers. All the evidence shows that when employers stay connected to their workers and support their recovery it is good for workers, good for business and good for the economy.”

The 12-month report card shows:

  • A 15 per cent reduction in claims and injuries for small employers.
  • The return to work rate has improved by five per cent from 82 to 87 per cent. The improvements in small employers return to work rates have been the highest across all sectors of the Scheme.
  • Employer paperwork has been reduced by 50 per cent meaning less administration so employers can focus on running their business.
  • $10.4 million in administrative savings has been identified per year by cutting     red tape; and
  • Disputes and appeals have been dramatically reduced as reforms have made premiums easier to understand and the customer experience improved.

“These new measures have created a safe and efficient working environment that improves outcomes for small businesses and their employees,” Mr Elliott said.

“The reforms are simpler and clearer and unshackle small businesses from unnecessary regulatory burdens.”

Mr Elliott said WorkCover NSW would continue to look at ways to improve the scheme.

“These excellent results show that WorkCover is delivering on its commitment to make NSW a better place to employ people and a safer place to work, boosting productivity,” Mr Elliott said.

“The NSW Government is serious about being a partner with business in improving worker health and safety. It has provided more than $70 million of financial support through the introduction of the Employer Safety Incentive in June 2013 to encourage NSW small employers to focus on safety in the workplace.

“The NSW Government will now consider how it can drive similar improvements for medium and large businesses and their workers in future.”