Labor Candidate Putting Community At Risk

State Liberal MP David Elliott has made a formal complaint to the Minister for Transport about the campaign of a Labor Candidate in western Sydney, citing serious breaches to safety regulations.

Mr Elliott also referred the matter to the electoral commissioner.

“Labor Candidate Susai Benjamin has again shown his contempt for the community by using safety fencing to promote his fledging campaign for the new seat of Seven Hills,” Mr Elliott said.

“Clr Benjamin seems to think that he can use publicly owned transport infrastructure as a backdrop for personal gain whilst ignoring the impact his actions might have on workplace and public safety.”

Mr Elliott said safety fencing would not be required around railway stations if Labor hadn’t neglected western Sydney infrastructure for 16 years.

“Clr Benjamin has clearly no understanding of the state’s OH&S regulations,” Mr Elliott said

“Having stalked former Premier Nathan Rees into retirement, Mr Benjamin now thinks he is above the law.”

Mr Benjamin made international headlines when it was revealed he had authored a paper for the Law Society in which he claimed women who reported domestic violence to police caused the breakdown of the family unit.

“It’s a shame that the once great Labor Party is now the personal domain of branch stackers and misogynists,” Mr Elliott said.

“Clr Benjamin has demonstrated his complete inability to serve the community in public office through his contempt for women, for construction workers and for commuters.”