Labor Stuff Up To Be Fixed: Elliott

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott today said he would “drive the next Roads Minister up the wall” in order to get Windsor Road fixed in Baulkham Hills.

Mr Elliott said the 400 metre stretch of Windsor Road, northbound at Landscape Street, was a blight on the landscape.

“The one infrastructure project Labor did not cancel in their 16 years of horror was stuffed up badly,” Mr Elliott said.

“Labor was shamed into upgrading Windsor Road, and they did a shameful half-baked job of it.

“Numerous residents have approached me, asking for something to be done to fix this part of Windsor Road.

“If I am re-elected, I will drive the next Roads Minister up the wall in order to upgrade this portion of Windsor Road to provide proper bus stops, off-street parking and a slip lane for motorists turning left into Coronation Road.”

Mr Elliott said this was a core local commitment should be re-elected as Member for Baulkham Hills on 28 March.

“Unlike Labor, who are cancelling infrastructure projects, I want to see more, and better, infrastructure, so we can keep this part of Windsor Road working, just as Mike Baird will keep NSW working.”