Foley = Palaszczuk

While Unions NSW is spending millions of dollars saying ‘NSW is not for sale’ in a mirror image of the Queensland election campaign, the new Queensland Labor Premier has already back-flipped, announcing the sale of public assets.

“As Annastacia Palaszczuk and Luke Foley stand side by side today – the obvious question is will Luke Foley do the same,” Treasurer Andrew Constance said.

“This is straight from the Labor playbook – say one thing before an election and do the exact opposite after.

“Ms Palaszczuk’s government has announced it will sell public housing and government owned buildings, clearly breaching the trust of voters.

“Ms Palaszczuk said countless times during her campaign that ‘Labor will not sell your assets’ – yet her Deputy Premier now says ‘what Labor committed to at the Queensland election was not selling our strategic assets’.

“It all comes down to who do you trust.

“The Baird Government has made clear how it plans to Rebuild NSW with a $20 billion infrastructure plan.

“Luke Foley is hoping to lie his way into government with no explanation as to how his promises will be funded.

“It’s typical Labor, they will spin, say and do anything to win, and true to form let people down in government.

“Given Luke Foley has elevated Annastacia Palaszczuk to hero status, the obvious question now is will he be happy to follow suit?

β€œIn contrast to Labor, after coming into office the NSW Liberals & Nationals did exactly what we said we would do before the election – which is why voters can trust us to do the same thing if we are successful on March 28.”