A Fair Go For Shoppers In The Hills And Western Sydney: Baird Government To Amend Retail Trading Laws

Shops will be permitted to open on Boxing Day in the Hills and Western Sydney under a re-elected Baird Government, who today announced changes to the State’s retail trading laws.

Under the current Retail Trading Act, retailers in the Sydney Trading Precinct (including the CBD, Broadway, Moore Park and Bondi Junction) are permitted to trade on Boxing Day, while other retailers, including those in Baulkham Hills and Seven Hills, are restricted.

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott said the Baird Government will create a level playing field; ensuring people in our local community can shop closer to home.

“The Baird Government is determined to modernise retail trading laws to provide more choice for retailers, employees and consumers,” Mr Elliott said.

“Our current laws are archaic. At the moment, retailers in the Sydney CBD and Eastern Suburbs are permitted to open their doors on Boxing Day, but those in Baulkham Hills cannot.

“This is stifling growth in our great State and denying opportunities for people in our community who wish to work the chance to earn some extra income.

“The NSW retail sector is one of the largest employers and trainers of young people entering the workforce. We want to unleash the potential for this industry to grow, not to keep it tied down.

“Our current laws punish consumers, employees and retailers because of where they shop and choose to do business.”

Seven Hills Liberal candidate Mark Taylor said no employee is required to work on Boxing Day, unless they freely choose to do so, and that provision in the Act will be maintained.

Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Anzac Day (until 1pm) and Christmas Day will remain restricted trading days.

“What we’re cleaning up is a law that has a set of rules for some, and another set for others,” Mr Taylor said.

“The Baird Government will deliver clear and consistent retail trading laws on Boxing Day, to the betterment of retailers, employees and consumers.”

“People can shop online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – yet a retail outlet in Seven Hills is held back by antiquated laws forbidding them to open their doors on Boxing Day.

“It makes sense for consumers who want to shop on Boxing Day to do so at their local shopping centre.

“The modernisation of retail trading laws is well overdue in NSW, and the Baird Government is committed to delivering it.”