Backup For Life: Supporting Our Former Officers

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott has welcomed $2 million in NSW Government funding towards a joint initiative with NSW Police Legacy to support former local police officers and their families.

BACKUP for Life offers greater support to injured officers and their loved ones with coordinated programs and initiatives that recognise the contribution former officers have made while serving the community.

Mr Elliott said officers deserve all the support they can get as they transition to life outside the force.

“Many officers carry physical and mental scars following years of service to the community and this can make the transition from active duty more difficult,” Mr Elliott said.

“NSW Police men and women give so much to our community and this program will ensure they get the help they need, including support to get back into the community and jobs, as well as physical fitness and counselling services.”

Deputy Premier and Minister for Police Troy Grant said we can never underestimate how significant a burden the role of a police officer is and how it can affect their wellbeing.

“Having spent most of my career as a serving officer, I know all too well that police are often expected to be the pillars of strength in situations when those around them are in their darkest hours,” Mr Grant said.

NSW Police Legacy Chair, Acting Inspector Paul Bousfield said this is an important initiative recognising the committed service of former police officers as they begin another stage in their lives.

“Many officers have invested so much of their life and identity in being a police officer and leaving can present a broad range of challenges for them and their families as they adjust to a civilian lifestyle,” Mr Bousfield said.

“NSW Police Legacy’s entire ethos is our care for the police family.”