NSW Crime Continues To Fall Or Remain Stable

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott has welcomed the latest statewide quarterly crime statistics that reveal 15 of the 17 major crime offences remain stable or are falling while two categories saw an upward trend.

In the two years to June 2016, Fraud has risen 1.7 per cent while Steal from retail store has gone up 6.3 per cent across NSW.

Supermarkets are the leading premises targeted in Steal from retail store, followed by department stores, shopping complexes, packaged liquor shops and clothes shops.

Six categories remain stable while nine categories showed downward trends:

  • murder (down 32.1 per cent);
  • robbery without a weapon (down 25.9 per cent);
  • robbery with a firearm (down 41.7 per cent);
  • robbery with a weapon not a firearm (down 22.2 per cent);
  • break and enter dwelling (down 7.2 per cent);
  • motor vehicle theft (down 12.6 per cent);
  • steal from dwelling (down 6.6 per cent);
  • steal from person (down 9.9 per cent);
  • malicious damage to property (down 3.2 per cent).

Mr Elliott said the good results across the state were in large part due to proactive police work.

“Similarly police in the Hills community work tirelessly to ensure they detect and prevent crime,” Mr Elliott said.

Locally, the following major crime categories are seeing downward trends:

  • Break and enter dwelling is down 26.2% (The Hills Shire LGA)
  • Steal from motor vehicle is down 24.3% (The Hills Shire LGA)
  • Steal from dwelling is down 23.5% (The Hills Shire LGA)
  • Malicious damage to property is down 17.7% (The Hills Shire LGA)

“I’m really pleased to see these results and thank the community for doing their bit by reporting crime and remaining vigilant.

“These results are testament to the great police work in our community and I thank Superintendent Robert Critchlow and The Hills LAC for their tireless work.

“Outside the major crime categories, amphetamine possession has also increased 18.6 per cent in the two years to June 2016.

“Drugs are a scourge on our communities and the NSW Government’s reforms to the NSW Police Force bringing in Regional and Metropolitan Deputy Commissioners will ensure greater focus on turning it around.”