Elliott Disappointed By Lexington Upgrade Delays

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott has expressed his disappointment at the failure of the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) to properly update the community on the upgrade of the Lexington Drive intersection at Norwest Boulevarde.

Mr Elliott said he was only notified of the lack of action at the roundabout by a constituent call.

“I was disappointed with the failure of RMS to inform me of a change of timetable, particularly as I have advertised this roundabout in my latest community newsletter,” Mr Elliott said.

“I have spoken personally with the Roads Minister and she has apologised for the lack of action from RMS.”

Live cables were found in the ground and, due to the safety risk, the site was closed and investigations needed to take place to identify the risk and who needed to fix the problem.

RMS has been recently been instructed they will be able to get back on site from 3 July and expect the work to be completed by mid-August.