Container Deposit Commencement Looming

In less than six months schools, charities, sporting and community groups Baulkham Hills will be able raise money as part of the NSW Government’s container deposit scheme, Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott said today.

Community organisations will be able to collect and receive donated eligible containers that they can then refund at an approved collection point.

Mr Elliott said the historic litter-reduction initiative would be an environmental game-changer that would help to reduce unsightly container litter in community parks, streets and waterways.

“These groups already do great work in our communities, so I’m sure that this great new fundraising opportunity will be welcome,” Mr Elliott said.

“Every year in NSW around 160 million drink containers are tossed into our environment, making up about 49 per cent of all litter volume, and costing about $180 million to clean up.

“The scheme will help the NSW Government achieve the Premier’s goal to reduce the litter volume by 40 per cent by 2020.”

Eligible drink containers under the scheme include most between 150ml and three litres. Exceptions include those that are consumed mostly at home and that are recycled in council kerbside systems.

More detail about the scheme, including how and where to redeem eligible containers from 1 December, and opportunities for local communities to participate will, be available shortly.

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