Baulkham Hills Gets Return And Earn Collection Points

In less than a week people will be able to return eligible containers in Baulkham Hills for a 10-cent refund as part of the state’s container deposit scheme, Return and Earn, Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott announced today.

Friendly Grocer Crestwood is one of the many businesses to partner with the Scheme as an over-the-counter collection point. A reverse vending machine kiosk has also been installed at Woolworths Bella Vista.

“People will have several options in Baulkham Hills to receive their 10-cent refund for eligible containers,” Mr Elliott said.

“The over-the-counter collection points at Friendly Grocer Crestwood will offer 10-cent refunds in cash while the reverse vending machine at Woolworths Bella Vista gives people the option for an electronic transfer using PayPal, a cash refund and an in-store credit at Woolworths or the option to donate it to selected charities.

“The Scheme will be a game-changer – 49 per cent of litter by volume is made up of beverage containers – and 43 per cent of the total volume is containers that will be caught by the scheme.”

Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton said the rollout was a massive logistical exercise.

“This is proof that Return and Earn is coming to a suburb or town near all of us. There are plenty more to be installed across the state in the coming weeks as the rollout continues,” Ms Upton said.

Drink containers eligible for the 10-cent refund include most containers between 150ml and three litres. Containers should not crushed or broken and have the original label attached to be eligible for the refund.

The state-wide network of collection points will include reverse vending machines, over-the-counter collection points such as selected cafes, service stations, small grocers and newsagencies, and automated depots for large volumes of drink containers.

A state-wide map of collection points is available online at: