Elliott Slams Politicisation Of ANZAC Day

Member for Baulkham Hills, David Elliott, has slammed the Federal Government for conducting focus group research into ANZAC Centenary commemorations.

 Mr Elliott said that some things should be above polling data, and that ANZAC Day had no place in the lives of political research firms.

 “ANZAC Day is about remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation,” Mr Elliott said.

 “It has always been thought that there is no greater love than a man laying down his life for his nation, but obviously the greatest love is Julia Gillard and her focus groups.

 “ANZAC Day is not a marketing gimmick, and anyone who dares to treat it as such will, I believe, receive a rather clear message from the community.”

 Mr Elliott said that political correctness had found a new low, as ANZAC Day was an event that embraced all members of our community and wasn’t just about Gallipoli.

 “All members of our community come together to remember our brave soldiers.

 “Our soldiers did not just serve in Gallipoli. They served in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East too, with just as much distinction and courage.

 “I am horrified that this revelation about the Gillard Government has come not long after incredibly hurtful and insensitive comments were made about Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith by television presenters.

 “It is time for the progressive elites in our society to support our troops and not turn them into just another focus group circus.

 “Regardless of your politics, we should all support those who get up every day and work to defend our great nation.”