School Zones Back In Operation Across NSW

Minister for Roads Duncan Gay is reminding motorists that school zones in NSW will be back in operation from today. (29 Jan)

 Mr Gay said there is a consistent approach to school zones operating on every gazetted school day including staff development and pupil free days at the start of term.

 “Students will return to school from this week and the message to motorists is that the 40 km speed limit is back in place and being enforced,” Mr Gay said.

 “When travelling around schools be extra alert to the movements of children and families, accidents happen in a moment and the consequences are heartbreaking.

 “Flashing lights and other safety features are an important way to keep our children and families safe when they are arriving at school in the morning and going home in the afternoon.

 “Since coming into office, the NSW Government has installed an additional 371 sets of flashing lights across the State.

 “This financial year alone, there will be 189 schools receiving flashing lights.

 “Once this rollout is complete, around one third of schools in NSW will have a set of flashing lights in at least one school zone at their school.

 “We are continuing to roll out other measures to increase the visibility of school zones to make sure motorists can see that they’re entering a school zone.

 “Most school zones in NSW operate from 8am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm, but a small number operate at different times.

 “School zones with different operating times have different coloured signage and each site’s operating hours are displayed on signage.

 “After a long holiday period, all motorists need to be mindful that from this week, schools are back and so are school zones,” Mr Gay said.

 Details on NSW gazetted school days can be viewed at