Elliott Slams Sports Smear

Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott today slammed the Gillard Government’s anti-sports announcement of anonymous accusations of drugs and match-fixing.

 Mr Elliott said the announcements represented the worst elements of the Gillard Government’s approach in office.

 “This is nothing more than a witch-hunt designed to deflect attention away from the Gillard Government’s economic and managerial incompetence,” Mr Elliott said.

 “There are no names, no teams, nothing except a broad smear campaign applied to our elite athletes by a Government desperate to cover up its own failure-enhancing policies.

 “Julia Gillard has destroyed our economy and now she is attempting to destroy Australian sport in order to make her economic policies seem a little less horrible.”

 Mr Elliott said he hoped that this announcement did not deter children and families from following their teams and participating in their chosen sports at an elite level.

 “Until specific allegations are made and proven, we should all continue to support our Parramatta Eels, Western Sydney Wanderers and Greater Western Sydney Giants.

 “Our sporting heroes work hard and we should continue to support them in their endeavours until the Gillard Government can prove their claims.”