Making Crown Road Closures Consultation Easier

Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner has announced that consultation over proposed Crown road closures will take a big leap forward when a new online service to aid the process goes live soon.

 Mr Stoner said the new service, currently under development on the NSW Crown Lands website, would show each advertised road closure application on easily accessible, user-friendly maps.

 “The information will remain online for the full 28 day submission period for each road closure application, making it easier for affected parties to access the information,” Mr Stoner said.

 “The roads notices will be searchable by date, locality and local government area.

 “However, in the interests of privacy, the identity of landholders or applicants will not be made available.”

 The new web-based service is being developed by Trade & Investment Crown Lands and is anticipated to go live in about two months time.

 “The web service is a response to concerns raised by recreational groups following the acceleration of the Crown roads closure program to clear a large backlog of applications,” Mr Stoner said.

 “The government appreciates the feedback from stakeholders and is responding by making road closure information easier to access.
“The consultation process is working well, with road closures applications referenced to a range of government agencies, such as NSW Fisheries, as well as adjacent land holders and local councils and advertised in local media.

 “While the government is confident this process is fair to all, the web service is a step up in making current road closure applications easier to access.”