Recreational Photography in NSW

Member for Baulkham Hills, David Elliott, has called for recreational photographers to be exempt from the bureaucratic process of applying for a permit to photograph on Crown Land.

 “Recreational photographers in New South Wales are being told ‘No’ at some of the State’s most iconic landmarks,” Mr Elliott said.

 “Photographers are being told that they have not filled in the required paperwork, or paid the necessary fees, which can be up to $1000 for amateur photographers.”

 “Castle Hill RSL Photography Club members were told that they were not allowed to photograph the Opera House, Darling Harbour or at train stations.”

 “The bureaucracy has gone mad if it expects hobbyists to fill in pages of forms and pay fees in order to take a picture,”

 “Tourists are not required to climb a mountain of paperwork, prior to taking a snap, neither should a NSW Resident”

 Mr Elliott also noted that these regulations also impacted students.

 “A student alone not interfering with the public is required to pay a $110 fee to photograph at railway stations. That is simply ridiculous.”

 Mr Elliott has called for recreational and amateur photographers to be exempt from this process.

 “Bona Fide recreational photographers should be free to photograph, within the limits of security and safety,”

 “There shouldn’t be an out of touch bureaucracy dictating who can photograph where, rather individuals should be free to photograph where they wish.”

 Mr Elliott has contacted the Minister for Sport and Recreation to resolve this issue.