NWRL Irregular Hours Work – Norwest

 From Monday 9 December 2013 TJHD will undertake out-of-hours works to install electrical and water services at the Norwest Boulevard and Brookhollow Avenue (west) intersection. This work will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings for two consecutive weeks and will be undertaken between the hours of 8pm and 5am.

Traffic and pedestrian detours will be required as the work will be undertaken within the roadway. During the work Brookhollow Avenue will be closed at the western end. Two bus stops on Norwest Boulevard (westbound) will be temporarily relocated between the hours of 8pm to 5am. The map overleaf shows the location of the affected bus stops.

 In the event of wet weather, machinery breakdown or other unforeseen circumstances, out-of-hours works may be required on the 12 and/or 13 December and the 19 and/or 20 December to complete the work.

 TJHD will do the majority of site establishment work, during day shifts. Work will generally occur between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday and 8am and 1pm on Saturday. However, for safety reasons and to reduce impact on the wider community this work must be carried out at night.

 What to expect during night works: 

Vehicles and equipment with flashing lights and reversing beepers for the safety of on-site works (beepers will be kept to a minimum)

 Temporary lighting including generators 

 Traffic and pedestrian detours 

 Excavation of the road to install new services 

 Back filling and reinstatement of the road including compaction 

 Construction noise from hammering, saw cutting and hand held compactor 

What TJHD will do to minimise impacts: 

Minimise the need for machinery to reverse

 Stage work so the noisiest activities are undertaken prior to midnight, where possible 

 Position lighting towers to ensure they are not shining through windows 

For more information phone 1800 019 989 or email tunnelling@northwestrail.com.au