Save A Life: Ensure Your Pool Is Safe This Summer

Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott has echoed the Minister for Local Government, Don Page’s plea to ensure that backyard pools are safe for the summer season.

 Mr Elliott said the NSW Government is committed to reducing the incidence of young children drowning or near-drowning in backyard pools. And for pool owners, the pool registration process is a good opportunity to make sure that back yard pools in Baulkham Hills meet the safety standards.

 “It is a sad fact that backyard swimming pools are the most common location for drowning deaths of children under five in NSW,” Mr Elliott said.

 “67 families have mourned for a child under the age of five in NSW in the last 10 years as a result of a swimming pool drowning.

 “In addition to these deaths, the stories of the 36 children per year in NSW who have suffered permanent brain injuries from near drowning are distressing. These injuries often result in those children requiring intense care from their parents for the rest of their lives.

 “All of these deaths and injuries are preventable.

 “During the summer season, the Minister and I implore all pool owners that there is no substitute for adequate supervision but a fully compliant barrier and self-closing gate can and will save lives – lives of your children, your friend’s children or your visitors’ children.

 “Should your pool barrier need rectifying – do not delay it – you simply cannot put a price on saving someone’s life.

 “Please understand your responsibilities as a pool owner, and ensure that you have registered and assessed your pool.

 “From April 2014 there will also be a requirement to have the pool certified as in good safe order before the property is sold or leased. These pool certifications are valid for three years so do not delay it.

 “I would encourage every pool owner in Baulkham Hills to ensure that their pool is registered and that they have conducted an inspection,” Mr Elliott said.

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