Making Our Streets Safer: Elliott Endorses Vehicle And Number Plate Confiscation laws

Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott said today laws introduced by the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government to crack down on car hoons have been enormously successful with more than 100 vehicles impounded and more than 500 sets of number plates seized.

 “Lives are put at risk when car hoons drive recklessly on our local streets,” Mr Elliott said.

 “These laws send a clear message to people who drive their cars like maniacs, when police catch them they will lose their vehicle or their ability to drive it for three months,” Mr Elliott said.

 “This is in addition to the other strong penalties they face for driving in a dangerous fashion.

 “Having voted for these laws in Parliament, I am pleased a person’s vehicle can be permanently confiscated if they drive it after their number plates have been seized by police.

 “The law and message is clear – if people want to treat the streets of Baulkham Hills like a racetrack – their car will be taken off them. They need to slow down and obey the law.”

 The sanctions apply to car hoons who are caught by police exceeding the speed limit by more than 45 km/h, those involved in a police pursuit and those caught committing hoon type offences such as an aggravated burn-out or participating in a street race.

 NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell announced that since the laws came into force in July last year, 123 vehicles have been impounded and 513 sets of number plates have been seized for a three month period.

 “The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government takes road safety very seriously, and we have delivered on our pre-election commitment and established a dedicated, specialised and trained Highway Patrol team with a high-profile presence on our roads,” Mr O’Farrell said.

 “The Highway Patrol fleet now has more than 500 vehicles and an authorised strength of more than 1,300 officers.”