Trifecta To Reduce Alcohol Related Violence

Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott voiced three concerns in a speech to Parliament yesterday that would help reduce the incidence of coward punches.

 Mr Elliott voiced these concerns as he felt that new package of legislation could be improved.

 “Addressing these concerns would result in a more comprehensive solution to this problem,” Mr Elliott said.

 Mr Elliott’s first suggestion was a crackdown on those who mix drugs and alcohol

 “We can never be too strong when we clamp down on illicit drugs.

 “Illicit drugs and alcohol do not mix.

 “Our Police, do a great job, in the tough environment of the city and Kings Cross late at night.

 “However we must give them more power to manage those who mix drugs.”

 Mr Elliott also noted the prevalence of cheap and discount alcohol.

 “It is disgraceful that Cleanskin wine from Dan Murphy’s is cheaper than a schooner of beer at a club.”

 Mr Elliott expressed concern that the availability of low cost and discount alcohol encouraged dangerous behaviours such as ‘pre-drinking’

 “These idiots drink copious amounts of alcohol at home, and then go into the community and assault people.

 “I call upon WesFarmers and Woolworths to seriously consider voluntarily withdrawing heavily discounted liquor from sale.”

 Mr Elliott recognised the importance of personal responsibility and encouraged the development of education programs in schools.

 “People need to take responsibility for their actions and undergoing drug and alcohol education will help people take the right course of action.”

 “These ideas, along with the legislation that took effect on Monday, should hopefully reduce the incidence of these random acts of violence.

 “I pray that no more schoolboys are killed in these senseless acts.”