NSW Government Offers Support To Hills Businesses That Create New Jobs For Retrenched Workers

Hills MPs David Elliott and Dominic Perrottet today welcomed the NSW Government’s offer to provide a $6,000 payroll tax rebate to Hills businesses that employ workers who have recently lost their jobs through large-scale restructures.

 “The NSW Government understands the significant impact job loss can have on families and is determined to do all it can to support those workers who find themselves out of a job through restructures,” Mr Elliott said.

 “That is why we are offering eligible businesses an extra incentive to create new jobs for these workers.

 “Ongoing national and global economic uncertainty is contributing to a softening of the national jobs market and putting pressure on businesses.

 “The good news is employment in NSW remains relatively strong, but recent large-scale industry readjustments have left a number of NSW workers without a job.

 “It is particularly concerning when these retrenchments cause significant disruption to a region, or when those jobs are in a specialised field where there are limited opportunities for re-employment.”

 “By providing even more generous rebates to businesses that take on retrenched staff, we are encouraging them to grow their businesses and create new employment opportunities for the future, particularly in Norwest Business Park, which already employs over 20,000 people.”

 The $6,000 Fresh Start Support payroll tax rebate includes the existing $5,000 rebate already available under the NSW Government’s Jobs Action Plan (JAP). The JAP provides a payroll tax rebate to businesses that employ new workers in new eligible employment – paid in two parts, at 12 months and 24 months after the employee is hired.

 “The NSW Liberals & Nationals JAP have helped to create over 91,000 jobs in NSW since the government came to office,” Mr Perrottet said.

 “As an extension of the JAP, the Fresh Start Support scheme means that an employer can be listed as a designated employer, and former employees of this designated employer will activate the Fresh Start Scheme $1000 supplement when a new employer hires them.

 “Initial guidelines for the scheme state that a ‘designated employer’ is one which has made 100 or more employees redundant (in the case of metropolitan employers) or 50 employees redundant (in the case of non-metropolitan employers), which will cause significant disruption to an industry or region.

 “These criteria may be flexible where a large-scale retrenchment has had an inordinate impact on a particular region, occupational field or industry.

  “While the economic outlook remains uncertain, the NSW Government will continue with its strategy of investing in the key drivers of the NSW economy – jobs, housing and infrastructure.”