Reforms To Create A New P&C Federation

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today announced the NSW Parents and Citizens (P&C) Federation will be reformed by legislation to create an efficient, transparent and accountable organisation to represent the interests of public school parents and communities.

 “The new P&C Federation will be able to work effectively to support local P&Cs and be a strong advocate for students, parents and communities,” Mr Piccoli said.

 “Local P&Cs perform a vital role in most public schools across the State. They will not be affected by these changes to the structure of the Federation.

 “I am sure parents will be pleased to be able to help elect a new Federation that, alongside its advocacy role, will be able to continue to provide vital support services for local P&Cs, including insurance.”

 All parents, carers and community members are encouraged to continue to participate in local P&Cs. However, only parents and carers of current public school students will be able to vote or be elected to the new Federation.

 The legislation divides the State into 16 areas which will ensure that parents in Albury are equally represented alongside parents in Abbotsford. A new governing body will be elected which will then select a seven member executive committee to be responsible for the day-to-day running of the Federation.

 The Minister will introduce legislation into the NSW Parliament to allow an administrator to be appointed to manage the restructure of the NSW Parents and Citizens Federation.

 “Once the legislation is proclaimed, I will appoint an administrator who will temporarily take charge of the organisation, its staff and assets, and arrange for the election of a new, representative governing body,” Mr Piccoli said.

 “Elections for the new Federation, supervised by the NSW Electoral Commission, will be held in the coming months.

 “It is expected that a new Federation governing body will be in place in Term 4, 2014.”