Mayor Michelle Byrne And David Elliott MP Walk Safely To School With Matthew Pearce Students

The students at Matthew Pearce Public School know all too well about the many benefits of walking to school.

 That’s why Hills Shire Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne and Baulkham Hills State MP David Elliott decided to take a stroll with the students in the lead up to Walk Safely To School Day (Friday May 23).

 “Walk Safely To School Day  is such a fantastic initiative that promotes a fit and healthy lifestyle,” Hills Shire Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne said.

 “The parents and students at Matthew Pearce set such a fantastic example to so many schools around the Sydney Hills.”

 Matthew Pearce Public School is part of the Walking Bus Program.

 The Walking Bus sees parent volunteers walk a group of students along a set route to school every day.

 “It is a great initiative and I would love to see other schools around the Sydney Hills give it a go,” Mr Elliott said.

 “For those parents and students who don’t normally walk to school, I encourage you participate in Walk Safely to School Day on Friday.”

 Matthew Pearce Public School Principal Kim Fawcett said she was particularly proud of the program, which helped promote a fit and healthy lifestyle and took several cars off the road.

 “Our Walking Bus is the biggest in the state with 44 students participating and 27 parents volunteering their time to be a part of the program,” Ms Fawcett said.

 “I want to thank parents, students and the P & C for being such strong supporters of the program and I hope it continues to grow.”