Elliott Promotes Child Protection Message

Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott has presented Excelsior Public School with the Bravehearts child protection package, Ditto In A Box.

The Ditto in A Box education pack teaches personal safety skills and underpins children’s instinctive understandings and feelings in a way that is non-confronting, safe and highly effective.

“The days of innocence are well and truly behind us,” Mr Elliott said.

“It is of vital importance that children are not only taught about stranger danger, but also of other threats, whether they are online threats, bullying, drugs or worse.”

The NSW State Government allocated $268,051 to support the initiative and the implementation of child protection education within the NSW Personal Development, Health and Physical Education curriculum.

It follows an evaluation commissioned by the NSW Department of Education and Communities in November 2013 of Bravehearts acclaimed personal safety program,
Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure (DKSA) show.

The Government piloted DKSA in 21 NSW public schools and commissioned Urbis to
undertake an evaluation of the pilot.

Developed to complement the Personal and Social Capability Criteria of the Australian
National Curriculum Version 3.0, the Ditto in a Box resource provides children with protective factors to build resiliency and empower them when faced with unsafe situations.

Co-funded by Cherish the Children, Google and Nutrimetics, the education pack contains
five teaching modules on safety as well as warning signs, scenario cards, music and storybooks.