Labor Fails Gender Test

Revelations in today’s national press that Labor’s freshly endorsed candidate for Seven Hills, Mr Susai Benjamin, warned against female immigrants from calling for police when they were victims of domestic violence because it would lead to a “total breakdown of the family relationship” proves that the Opposition has learnt nothing from its recent history, according to Member for Baulkham Hills, David Elliott.

Mr Elliott said the Labor Party was trying to sweep recent history under the carpet.

“I was sure that given past protestations by prominent Labor women such as Helen Westwood, Sandra Nori and Meredith Burgmann when similar matters were aired in the ALP, Mr Benjamin would have been given a wide berth,” Mr Elliott said.

“Clearly matters affecting domestic violence play second fiddle to number crunchers in the Labor Movement.”

In a “Notice of Motion” on Domestic Violence debated in the Parliament yesterday Mr Elliott gave three female Labor MP’s repeated opportunities to decry this sort of behaviour but, sadly, Sonia Hornery, Barbara Perry and Deputy Opposition Leader Linda Burney all refused to budge.

“It’s a sad day for NSW politics when the left-wing of the Labor Party fails to decry such misogynist commentary,” Mr Elliott said.

Mr Elliott said that Labor had forfeited the right to debate women’s refuge funding, domestic violence, refugee safety and gender equality whilst Mr Benjamin was an endorsed Labor Candidate.

“I expect Mr Benjamin to be a nominee for this year’s Ernie Awards, but given Labor’s current form he will probably end up as a guest speaker.”

Mr Elliott said he was also keen to get to the bottom of matters related to Mr Benjamin’s “fundraisers” associated with his employer, the Toongabbie Legal Centre.

“If Labor had any sense of social justice they would have sacked this bloke yesterday. They won’t, so it’s now our job to ensure that the people of Seven Hills know what they are getting from the Opposition” Mr Elliott said.

Mr Elliott said Labor’s nominee for Seven Hills stands in stark contrast to the Liberal  candidate, twice decorated police barrister and Liberal Councillor, Mark Taylor.