Four Years Of Remembrance In Parliament Marking The Centenary Of World War One

Speaker of the NSW Legislative Assembly, Shelley Hancock and President of the NSW Legislative Council, Don Harwin have announced Australia’s oldest parliament will acknowledge the Centenary of World War One each sitting week.

Each Tuesday when Parliament is sitting, Members in both Chambers will rise to remember the fallen.

The Presiding Officers will formally acknowledge important historic events giving attention to the actions of our forebears. Politics will be set aside as the Parliament remembers.

“As the nation’s oldest Parliament it is appropriate that we pause to reflect on the events of a century ago,” Mrs Hancock said.

“A young nation – ours – lost its sense of innocence. It committed itself to the conflagration, to the last man and the last shilling, because that is what Empire meant. It poured its blood into the soil of the Western Front and of the Dardanelles, where two members of this Parliament laid down their lives.”

The Hon Don Harwin, President of the MLC, spoke in remembrance at a Parliamentary reception on 4 August. “We are here because they were there,” he said. “What they fought for was our right to assemble here today, peacefully, representatives of free peoples who have the right to elect their own governments and where monarchs and presidents govern
by consent and where empires have been transformed into commonwealths.”

Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott has joined with the Parliament in spreading this important message of remembrance to the regions of New South Wales.

“The Centenary of the first World War provides us all with the opportunity to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation,” Mr Elliott said.

“I encourage all citizens of New South Wales to join with the Parliament as we respectfully recognise the centenary of World War I.”

The Presiding Officers will formally address the Chambers on the Tuesday of each sitting week, for the next four years until November 11, 2018. Visit for more information on live streaming of Question Time, or to access Hansard Records of
speeches. Copies of the remarks made on Tuesday 4 August by the Speaker in the Legislative Assembly and by the President at the Parliamentary Reception are