Labor Sells Out ANZACS: Elliott

Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott and Liberal candidate for Seven Hills Councillor
Mark Taylor have slammed local Labor MPs for placing politics above local interests in rejecting ANZAC grant applications.

Mr Elliott said Federal Parramatta MP Julie Owens rejected a grant application to repair
the Parramatta Cenotaph, instead approving a grant for bizarre artwork.

“Labor’s long tradition of kowtowing to trendy political correctness has now extended to
denigrating the ANZAC tradition,” Mr Elliott said.

“Julie Owens has more interest in pandering to failed Greens candidates rather than ensuring the community remembers the contribution of our fallen diggers to our nation.

“Parramatta Council has tried to do the right thing by our military community, while Labor continues to try and gain favour with a party whose contempt for our military is well known.

“I have written to the Federal Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and asked him to ensure
this affront to our community is overturned.”

Councillor Taylor said the decision by Ms Owens to provide a $22,000 artwork grant to
former Greens Parramatta Council candidate Simon Cook demonstrated Labor was playing politics with the Centenary of ANZAC.

“Anyone who has the remotest understanding of the ANZAC legacy would appreciate the
standing of Cenotaphs and monuments in preserving the memory of our soldiers,” Cr Taylor said.

“Not only is Labor refusing to acknowledge the role of our troops, but it is subcontracting
the provision of community grants out to people who were rejected out of hand as community representatives.

“If Ms Owens has a shred of appreciation for our history, or our military, she will revise
her decision and ensure the Cenotaph in Parramatta remains a site at which our community can continue to remember the ultimate sacrifice of our soldiers with pride.”