Muirfield High School Drawn In 2015 Gallipoli School Tour Ballot

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott today announced that Muirfield High School has been drawn as one of the 25 secondary schools from across NSW that will
have the opportunity to send four students and one teacher to the ANZAC Day Dawn Service Commemorations at Gallipoli in April 2015.

The schools, drawn today by NSW Centenary of ANZAC Ambassador Olwyn Green OAM in a ballot held on September 1, will represent NSW at one of the key commemorative events in NSW’s Centenary of Anzac program.

The NSW Government is investing $1 million to enable 100 students and 28 supervising teachers to take up the 128 places allocated to NSW by the Australian Government.

Mr Elliott noted that there had been strong interest from secondary schools across
NSW in the ballot, with 420 Expressions of Interest received.

“I am thrilled that students from Muirfield High School will have the once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity to be part of the commemorative ceremonies to mark the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli,” Mr Elliott said.

“Attending commemorative services on ANZAC Day next year will be the highlight of a
seven-day tour in Turkey.

“I am immensely proud that school students from Muirfield will be there in Turkey next year to represent our state at the Centenary of ANZAC commemorations services next year.

“They will stand where the first ANZACs came to shore at Gallipoli, 100 years ago.

“They will be joining students from across Australia, descendants of those who served
at Gallipoli, Australian First World War widows and thousands of other Australians who were successful in the national ballot.

“It will be an important day in the history of our nation and for everyone who participates in the ceremonies at Gallipoli next year.”

Based on the proportions of 2013 school enrolments 11 metropolitan government schools, four non-metropolitan government schools, eight metropolitan non-government schools and two non-metropolitan non-government schools were selected in the ballot.

Muirfield High School will now undertake a local selection process to nominate four
students and one supervising teacher to participate in the Gallipoli 2015 School Tour.

Mr Elliott said the schools will now have until 27 October 2014 to select their representatives. Successful students and supervising teachers will be announced
in December this year.

The successful students from Muirfield High School will benefit from the same ANZAC
experience as Baulkham Hills High School student Lihini De Silva.

Ms De Silva was one of six winning students in the ANZAC Youth Scholarship Award,
sponsored by ClubsNSW, and will visit Gallipoli and other historic ANZAC sites in Western Europe and London in November.

The students from Muirfield will travel to Gallipoli for the Centenary of ANZAC Service at Gallipoli in April 2015.