Elliott: Labor Acting Like Children

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott condemned Labor Councillor Ray Harty for boycotting the Hills Shire Mayoral election on Tuesday night.

Mr Elliott said Cr Harty’s actions and comments were petulant and unbecoming of an elected representative.

“By boycotting his local civic obligations, Cr Harty has also forfeited his right to debate local policies,” Mr Elliott said.

“Cr Harty’s decision to boycott the Mayoral ballot, on the basis Labor didn’t have the numbers, is a childish tantrum.

“Councillors, just like Members of Parliament, are elected to represent the interests of their community in their elected forum, whether they are in the majority or the minority.”

Mr Elliott said that Members of Parliament who behaved in a similar manner were ostracized by the media and their constituents.

“Cr Harty’s behaviour is reprehensible considering the demands on political leaders to attend all sittings and all votes,” Mr Elliott said.

“This is the equivalent of me refusing to attend Parliament just because Labor had a majority. It flies in the face of all political conventions in this country.

“I would be condemned for such actions, and rightly so, and Cr Harty should consider the damage he has done to The Hills Shire Council.

“Labor claims that they support compulsory voting, but obviously Councillor Harty has decided this should apply to everyone but him”.

Mr Elliott said Cr Harty was engaging in rank hypocrisy by claiming external influences had influenced the Mayoral ballot.

“Cr Harty is clutching at straws when he suggests, falsely, that external influences had a bearing on the outcome of the Mayoral ballot,” Mr Elliott said.

“If Cr Harty wants to campaign on external influences, he would do well to start with his own union and the ALP.

“Recent matters currently before the Royal Commission into Union corruption makes The Sopranos look like Sesame Street.” Mr Elliott said.