Elliott Slams Labor Hypocrisy On Homelessness

Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott has slammed NSW Labor’s approach to homelessness as “preying on the vulnerable”.

Mr Elliott said the NSW Opposition was missing in action on the issue and was refusing to step up to the mark.

“Labor complains endlessly about homelessness, but they continue to refuse to put forward their own plans on this issue,” Mr Elliott said.

“If Labor wants to be taken seriously as an alternative to the Liberal Party, they need to start coming up with some ideas, not just complaints.”

In a speech to Parliament last week, Mr Elliott said Labor’s approach was placing people at risk.

“Because of Labor’s fearmongering people in need might feel that no help is available for them,” Mr Elliott said.

“Labor’s disgustingly reckless and populist approach to funding will take it nowhere.

“Members of the Australian Labor Party talk the talk but do not walk the walk.

“Under Labor’s watch too many people have been falling through the cracks.”

Mr Elliott said the failure of Labor leader John Robertson to attend the debate in Parliament reflected Labor’s lack of interest in homelessness as an issue.

“The Member for Blacktown (was) not even present in the Chamber,” Mr Elliott said.

“So much is he dedicated to the question of homelessness in this State that in respect of his own motion, he fails to show.

“In respect of his own motion, he sends down backbenchers who have announced their retirement, which means that they are members of Parliament who will not be accountable to the electorate when we go to the polls in March.”

Mr Elliott said the only plan to address the issue of homelessness was provided by the Baird Liberal Government.

“Going Home Staying Home is long-needed change,” Mr Elliott said.

“Reform is not easy, particularly when it comes to homelessness and social policy.

“This Coalition Government will spend $25 million more than the Labor Party spent the last time it was in office.”