Daley’s Double-Take On Power Prices

Labor’s Shadow Treasurer has got himself tangled up in a huge knot after he admitted electricity prices fall under private ownership.

Michael Daley made the admission during a Parliamentary debate in 2008:

 Mr Andrew Fraser: They have doubled since you’ve been in this place. What have you done about it? Nothing.

 Mr MICHAEL DALEY: The member says that prices are rising. He should read a recent article by the former Auditor-General of New South Wales, Tony Harris, in which he looked at the effect of electricity privatisation in Victoria and noted conclusively that the electricity reforms in Victoria led to a significant price decrease in that State.

 (Hansard, NSW Parliament, 26 February 2008)

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott said he was in a unique position to remind NSW Labor of their thrice stated position on electricity privatisation.

“As the Chief Executive of the Civil Contractors Federation, I sat on an advisory committee with Michael Daley,” Mr Elliott said.

“The Committee was tasked with promoting the benefits of the sale by the former Labor Government”.

Seven Hills Liberal candidate Mark Taylor said the main myth being spread by Labor has now been proved wrong by one of their own.

“We have the bizarre situation where a member of the Labor Party has actually told the truth!” Mr Taylor said.

“Michael Daley has admitted to what the NSW Liberals & Nationals have been saying all along – private ownership delivers cheaper power bills for consumers.”

Blacktown Liberal candidate Raman Bhalla said the lease will provide double the benefit for consumers without the need to put up with side effects.

“Not only will our 49 per cent lease of the electricity network businesses deliver $20 billion to turbocharge infrastructure, it will also deliver savings for consumers through efficiencies at the networks,” Mr Bhalla said.

“Michael Daley is Labor’s chief spokesman against our lease proposal, but deep down he actually supports it.

“Mr Daley knows that prices will drop, but has to bite his tongue because the Electrical Trades Union is funding Labor’s campaign.

“The Baird Liberal team will ensure lower electricity prices for families, more infrastructure for our communities and a fair go for Western Sydney.”