It’s Time To Make Healthy Normal

Hills State Liberal MPs David Elliott and Mark Taylor have welcomed the NSW Government’s Make Healthy Normal message.

The $4.5 million Make Healthy Normal campaign aims to help people make simple food and activity changes to tackle the state’s overweight and obesity problem.

The campaign commenced last month with television advertisements on all major networks. Now a Make Healthy Normal road show is travelling the state.

“Time and time again we are told that more and more adults and children are overweight – the NSW Government wants to help people find the new ‘normal’ – small changes to lifestyle habits can make an enormous difference to overall health.” Mr Elliott said.

“To learn more about Make Healthy Normal, go to or alternatively you could visit a shopping centre participating in the Make Healthy Normal road show.

Combined high body mass index, physical inactivity and low fruit and vegetable consumption are the largest contributors to the burden of disease on society.

Overweight and obesity costs the NSW economy around $19 billion annually, while chronic disease is estimated to be responsible for 80 per cent of the total burden of disease in Australia.

In contrast, healthy eating and physical activity are key factors in maintaining quality of life and preventing diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, stroke and some cancers across all life stages.

“Evidence shows that, for overweight people, a five per cent weight loss leads to 40-60 per cent less chance of developing diabetes over three years,” Mr Taylor said.

To learn more about Make Healthy Normal, go to