Speed Limit Review on NSW Roads

David Elliott, Member for Baulkham Hills, has welcomed the announcement of a review of speed limits of 100 roads in NSW by the roads minister today.

 “I am pleased that the roads minister, Duncan Gay, has honoured this key election commitment from the NSW Liberals,” Mr Elliott said.

 “The legacy of the NSW Labor Government on our roads was to have motorists spending more time watching their speedo than the road.” 

 “Such uncertainty with regards to speed limits can only cause motorists to be thinking about things other than the road immediately in front of them, contributing to a reduction in road safety.”

 Mr Elliott said he was delighted that the Hills would be receiving reviews of the busiest roads in the region.

 “I have spoken to so many people about traffic and speed issues, and over and over again the same roads keep popping up: the M7, the M2 and Old Windsor Road.

 “With the upgrade of the M2 occurring as we speak, there is no more opportune time to consider speed limit changes to this road, particularly the 70 km/h zone westbound near the Norfolk tunnel,” Mr Elliott said. 

 “I am pleased the M7 and Old Windsor Road have also been included in this review, and I am looking forward to the outcome when the review is complete.”