Advanced Meters For The Future

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott has welcomed the NSW Government’s announcement to drive competition in electricity metering to give households more choice and greater control over their electricity usage.

Mr Elliott said these changes are about keeping up with the times when electricity consumers become more empowered by developments in technology.

“The Liberals & Nationals Government is broadening contestable network services for the future so consumers in Baulkham Hills can have a greater say in how they use and consume electricity, including access to the latest technology such as roof top solar and battery storage,” Mr Elliott said.

The NSW Industry, Resources and Energy Minister Anthony Roberts said in 2014, that the Government announced it would support a voluntary, market-led rollout of smart meters. The Government has now removed the unnecessary red tape around installations to support this rollout.

“Advanced meters allow consumers to have greater control over their power use, utilize apps for real time information on electricity usage and remove the retailer’s cost of manual meter reads,” Mr Roberts said.

Already there are around 40,000 advanced meters installed across the state and this number will continue to increase as electricity consumers turn to new tailored technology options to control their production and costs.

The Electricity Supply Amendment (Advanced Meters) Bill 2016 allows retailers and meter providers to compete for market share and this competition will place downward pressure on prices.

More competition will also mean greater innovation in product development and improved service delivery.

The Bill amends the requirements for people authorised to install a meter in NSW and consolidates the safety and compliance regime governing meter installations into a single scheme under NSW Fair Trading.

The competitive roll out of smart meters will be supported by a competitive market for qualified meter installers to drive efficiencies in the market and there will be no decrease in existing safety standards.

The Bill Amendment clarifies that disputes between a consumer and a retailer relating to smart meters can be referred to the Energy and Water Ombudsman of New South Wales (EWON).

“The NSW Liberals and Nationals Government will continue to improve regulations around advanced meters and installations as electricity customers have greater access to better technology to control their electricity consumption,” Mr Elliott said.

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