Let’s Drive Towards A Zero Road Toll

Baulkham Hills locals have been urged to take more care on our roads, as the NSW Government today launched a new advertising campaign ‘Towards Zero’, which highlights the human element of the road toll in an effort to reduce crashes and fatalities.

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott said NSW’s road toll is a state tragedy and road users can’t continue to be complacent or reckless on our roads.

“Too many people are losing their lives on our roads – so far this year we have seen 38 more road deaths than the same time last year,” Mr Elliott said.

“A road toll of 164 in less than six months is not just a number – it’s children’s lives that have ended before their time, it’s mums and dads who will never return home again, it’s grandparents lost to their families forever.

“The NSW Government hopes the ‘Towards Zero’ campaign will start a conversation about how many road deaths are acceptable and the role everyone can play in preventing them.”

In addition to the historic $1.2 billion spent on road safety over the past five years, the NSW Government is also implementing a number of targeted initiatives to help address some of the emerging issues arising in the road toll:

*  Accelerating $20 million to rollout rumble strips (road markings on the side of the road that generate noise when driven over), wide centre lines and crash barriers across NSW

*  Investing $250,000 for an in-ground traffic light technology trial at key crossings in Sydney’s CBD

*  Allocating $5 million over three years for up to 200 vehicle activated signs to warn drivers when they are speeding or approaching hazards like curves.

The Towards Zero campaign will begin on 29 May.