Helping People In Baulkham Hills Live Longer And Better Lives

The NSW Government has launched a whole-of-government, whole-of-community plan to help older people in Baulkham Hills live longer and better lives.

Mr Elliott said the renewed NSW Ageing Strategy 2016-2020 is the NSW Government’s response to the challenges and opportunities being created by the ageing population. The strategy focuses on ageing and creating an age-friendly society.

“It is great that people are living longer than ever before. But crucially, we want them to live better as well,” Mr Elliott said.

“I have spoken to older people across the Baulkham Hills community, and I am pleased to say the NSW Ageing Strategy reflects and addresses their views.

“The renewed NSW Ageing Strategy will help ensure older people can live healthy, happy and active lives as they age in Baulkham Hills.”

Launched in 2012, the first NSW Ageing Strategy led to the creation of highly-successful initiatives, including the Tech Savvy Seniors program, the Elder Abuse Helpline and Resource Unit, and the Liveable Communities Grants Program.

The renewal of the Ageing Strategy was deeply informed by extensive state-wide consultations with older people and stakeholders. The renewed NSW Ageing Strategy focuses on five key priority areas – health and wellbeing, working and retiring, housing choices, getting around, and inclusive communities.

The 2016-17 NSW Budget provided for $6.5 million to deliver the renewed NSW Ageing Strategy, including $1 million for the Liveable Communities Grants Program, $600,000 for the Elder Abuse Helpline and over $500,000 to expand the Tech Savvy Seniors Program.

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