2011 HSC High Achievers

Member for Baulkham Hills, David Elliott, has congratulated Baulkham Hills High School on again ranking in the top two schools for high achieving students in New South Wales.

 “Baulkham Hills High School continues to impress and lead the way amongst New South Wales schools, with 68 students ranked as all-rounders,” Mr Elliott said.

 “To achieve an all-rounder status, a student must score 90 in at least five subjects, or ten units.”

 Mr Elliott also said achievements such as 193 student with 928 appearances on the Distinguished Achievers List, 12 students with 13 appearances on the top achievers list and two students, Matthew Wong and Yu Ying Shirley Huang gaining first in the state in Engineering Studies and English Extension One respectively, is testament to the outstanding work from Baulkham Hills High School’s teachers.

 “While hard work from students contributes greatly to these high scores, students could not perform this well without an exceptional teaching faculty at the school, and I congratulate them and, in particular, their Principal, Dr Jeanne Bathgate.

 “The school’s teachers have done exceptional job in guiding the school’s students to these high scores, and I look forward to even more exceptional performances in the years ahead, and possibly even seeing Baulkham Hills displace their great rival, James Ruse High, from top spot!”