I Will Tag Vandals: Elliott

Baulkham Hills MP David Elliott has launched a scathing attack on graffiti artists operating in the Hills after his electorate office was vandalised for the third time since his election 11 months ago.

 “The recurring graffiti around the Baulkham Hills Town Centre has reinforced my view that only strong and aggressive laws to counter vandalism will rid us of this community scourge.” Mr Elliott said.

 Mr Elliott was a vocal supporter of last year’s legislation which sought to heavily fine and penalise graffiti artists, including the removal of their driver’s licence, which was opposed by Labor and the Greens in the upper house.

 “Enough is enough. I will be taking this matter up with the Attorney General and the Police Minister, and if it means we enforce mandatory gaol sentences, lifelong bans on driving and heavy punitive fines placed on graffiti artists, or their parents as the case may warrant, then so be it.” Mr Elliott said.

 “Quite frankly I have had a gutful. The people of Baulkham Hills deserve better than this constant exposure to vandalism.

 “I am putting graffiti artists on notice that if I find any individual convicted of graffiti offences in my electorate, I will name and shame them in Parliament and publicly humiliate them.” Mr Elliott said

 The matter has been referred to the Castle Hill police for further investigation.

 Mr Elliott said he is disappointed, but feels it is now necessary to use taxpayer’s money to fund CCTV cameras outside his office, reinforcing his view that vandalism costs everyone.