Extra High Visibility Police For Baulkham Hills

Baulkham Hills will soon have more police on the ground patrolling the local community thanks to the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government’s investment in 100 specialist high visibility officers, Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott announced.

Mr Elliott welcomed the announcement and said a more visible police presence would help deter would-be crooks.

“I’m thrilled with this latest boost in police for Baulkham Hills. We know that seeing more boots on the beat will help crack down on crime and anti-social behaviour,” Mr Elliott said.

“The presence of more men and women in blue will make criminals think twice before breaking the law. With more eyes on them, there is more chance of being caught and charged by police.

“Having extra officers on hand also supports business owners and locals alike in feeling more safe and secure across the community and being confident to raise any concerns.”

Mr Elliott said the high visibility officers would be deployed across the whole North West Metropolitan region for support, including in Baulkham Hills.

“This latest round of extra officers is all thanks to a record $583 million investment by the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government to deliver 1,500 extra police officers over the next four years,” Mr Elliott said.

“These new high visibility police are just one small part of plan. This is the single biggest increase to the NSW Police Force in more than 30 years – it is an incredible step forward in policing, and a huge win for the community.

“Our Government is not only delivering record-breaking investments in our emergency services – but other frontline services including schools and hospital as well – all of which is making a real difference to Baulkham Hills.”

Mr Elliott said the high visibility police officers would be trained in intelligence gathering so they can proactively identify emerging crime trends and tackle them head-on.

“Along with providing high visibility foot patrols, the new officers will also be deployed to major events, transport hubs and busy areas to keep the Baulkham Hills community safe,” Mr Elliott said.

Today’s announcement comes in addition to all 58 Police Area Commands and Police Districts across the state also receiving a dedicated Elder Abuse Prevention Officer and a Child Protection Officer.

A further 91 officers will be deployed to Region Enforcement Squads and Raptor Units to fight serious and organised crime.