Hills Mayor And MPs To Work To Stop Shootings

All three tiers of Government in The Hills have committed to work together to stop the violence at the Baulkham Hills Tattoo parlour following yet another shooting overnight.

 Local Federal Member for Mitchell Alex Hawke, State Member David Elliott and Hills Shire Mayor Greg Burnett will work together using all legal means to prevent further shootings at the site of the Baulkham Hills tattoo parlour.

 Mr Hawke said he would today be writing to Federal Ministers to ensure compliance with all Federal legislation and will call on the Minister for Home Affairs Jason Clare to reinstate the damaging budget cuts that have allowed illegal weapons to flow through our borders and onto our streets.

 “The fact that there have been multiple shootings in two months at this venue says to me that we, as a community, need to take action against what is happening at this site.” Mr Hawke said.

 Mr Hawke expressed his ongoing concern regarding Federal Labor’s drastic cutbacks to the Customs cargo screening program. Prominent media reports have attributed Sydney’s recent spate of shootings to firearms being illegally smuggled into Sydney due to Labor’s cutbacks to Customs and the Australian Federal Police in recent Commonwealth budgets. This means that, often, guns and ammunition used in criminal activity have slipped through our borders undetected.

 Baulkham Hills MP David Elliott said he was embarrassed to admit that he has now seen more shootings in his leafy electorate in less than two months than he witnessed in five months Peacekeeping in Bougainville twelve years ago.

 “This latest shooting has endangered my community and it’s time to take up to the fight to these criminals.

 “I have today written to the Premier seeking his advice as to what multi jurisdictional approaches can be made, I have also written to the Treasurer, the Police Minister and the Minister for Finance and Services seeking advice on powers which may be invoked to ensure the legal and safe operation of this business.

 “The people of The Hills expect nothing less of us”.

 Mr Elliott said he was also concerned about the double standards that applied to licensed premises when violence occurred within their venues.

 “I think it is completely unreasonable to demand the closure of licensed premises when patrons, who are under the influence of alcohol, get into a brawl, yet no action is taken when a shop is the target of gunfire on two separate occasions.”

 Hills Shire Mayor Greg Burnett has also expressed his horror at this morning’s events, demanding a better approach from all tiers of government to protect public safety.

 “I will be asking the General Manager to brief Councillors on what options we have available to improve public safety at Baulkham Hills.”

 “The well being of our citizens is paramount and I will remain open minded to all recommendations.” Mayor Burnett said.

 Mr Elliott said he will be seeking the installation of CCTV in the Baulkham Hills Business District as a short term solution.