Baulkham Hills Contributes As Return And Earn Reaches Three Billion Containers

Return and Earn has now soared past 3 billion containers returned state-wide just a month after the second anniversary of the initiative.

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott said the people of Baulkham Hills should be commended for their ongoing commitment to reducing litter and contributing locally to the 3 billion containers.

“The growth of the scheme has been phenomenal and highlights a fundamental change in people’s thinking and behaviour around litter,” Mr Elliott said.

“Return and Earn has been very successful in Baulkham Hills with more than 19.3 million containers returned helping to contribute to the 3 billion now collected.”

“The reverse vending machine at Baulkham Hills Sports Club has seen a contribution of 44,468 containers to the Bottles for the Bush campaign. The $4,464.80 donated at his machine is the third highest amount donated to the campaign across the state from any one location.”

Mr Elliott said summer is peak season for return and earners cashing in their containers and helping the environment and the recent holiday period was particularly impressive for returned containers.

“State-wide between 21 December 2019 and 13 January 2020, there were 10 days with more than 7 million drink containers returned a day, including four days with over 8 million containers returned.“ Mr Elliott said.

“The scheme has highlighted so many positives across communities and every bottle returned is a win for the environment.”

Until 23 February, recyclers in NSW can donate to Bottles for the Bush, on all reverse vending machines with 10 cents from each container going towards helping farmers and rural families impacted by the drought and the recent bushfire devastation. This option is part of a nationwide appeal that has raised more than $430,000 so far with more than $360,000 coming through NSW’s Return and Earn scheme.

Return and Earn includes around 640 return points across NSW including reverse vending machines, staffed automated depots and over the counter sites. For more information about Return and Earn, visit