Remembering The Korean War Armistice

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott is encouraging residents in Baulkham Hills to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for Australia and the freedom of South Korea.

The 27th of July marks the 67th year since the Korean War Armistice was signed, ending three years of war in Korea.

“Our thoughts and our deepest gratitude go to those men and women who went to Korea and the families who lost loved ones during the war,” Mr Elliott said

“We are proud of them and we will remember them as we mark this important day in history.”

Acting Minister for Veterans Geoff Lee said the Korean War was one of the most destructive wars of the modern era.

“We lost 340 Australian lives and over 1,200 were wounded,” Mr Lee said.  

“We pay our respects and acknowledge their sacrifice. We can only imagine how horrendous the conditions were at the time and the challenges faced by our men and women.”

Australia was praised by other nations for its efforts in Korea. There were 615 awards and decorations given to Australians during the war and a further 173 awards given to Australians by other countries.

Australian servicemen and servicewomen remained in Korea for a few years post war. Their efforts led to many political and security benefits, the most significant being the signing of the ANZUS Treaty with the United States and New Zealand.