New NorthConnex Videos Prepare Local Drivers For Opening

Motorists around West Pennant Hills can take a trip through the $3 billion NorthConnex tunnels without leaving their home via a series of innovative driver experience videos released today.  

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott said the ‘NorthConnex vision’ uses drone and dash cam footage to simulate the actual journeys motorists can expect when NorthConnex opens in the coming weeks.

“The NorthConnex tunnels connecting the M1 in Wahroonga to the Hills M2 via twin 9km tunnels are opening soon and we want to show motorists how they can use Sydney’s next underground motorway, before it opens to traffic,” Mr Elliott said.

“Giving drivers a look inside the tunnels and the new connections to the existing road network, the real-to-life videos demonstrate how drivers can safely enter and exit the tunnels, along with the merge points and lane configurations.”

Mr Elliott said eight new videos showing various trips are now available to view on the NorthConnex website.

“The videos will help motorists travelling around the West Pennant Hills area be aware of the changed traffic conditions, in particular around the northern and southern entry and exit points,” Mr Elliott said.

“For example, for motorists using NorthConnex and heading north towards Hornsby, there’s an exit ramp which leads to new right and left turn lanes at the intersection with Pennant Hills Road.”

Transport for NSW Chief Operations Officer Howard Collins said the new videos will give drivers a chance to become familiar with NorthConnex before it opens.

“Motorists can now take a trip without leaving their home, with new videos giving motorists a helpful sneak peek at what they can expect when the motorway opens to traffic,” Mr Collins said.

“We want to ensure motorists are familiar with how to navigate new movements, as well as how the motorway connects to the broader road network.”

Transurban NSW Group Executive Michele Huey said NorthConnex will provide the quickest route between the M1 and M2 Motorways with a trip expected to take around eight minutes.

“Drivers will save up to 15 minutes in travel time and can bypass up to 21 sets of traffic lights on Pennant Hills Road, one of the most congested roads in NSW,” Ms Huey said.

“For years local residents, schools, and businesses around Pennant Hills Road have lived with thousands of trucks and commercial vehicles passing through their suburban communities to transport freight to, from or through Sydney and I’m pleased that relief is just around the corner when NorthConnex opens.”

NorthConnex is in the final stages of operational testing and software commissioning and expected to open in the coming weeks.

The driver experience videos can be viewed on the NorthConnex website, where drivers can select their preferred trip.

For more information and to view the videos visit: