Smarter Services Provide A Brighter Beginning For Children In Baulkham Hills

An initiative to better support families that are navigating the first 2000 days of their child’s life was announced today by the NSW Government.

Brighter Beginnings aims to ensure children in NSW have the best start in life. Crucial to achieving this goal is simplifying and improving the way families access information and services, through a number of parenting life navigator tools and a whole of government web page.

This will provide families in Baulkham Hills with a one stop shop of resources for when they are expecting a baby and will support them throughout their child’s early life. This includes keeping track of health and development milestones, accessing financial support, finding early childhood education and care, starting primary school, returning to work and emotional and legal support for parents.

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott said it is important to assist parents during the first 2000 days, as this time has such an impact on every decade of a child’s life.

“We also understand this is a challenging and often overwhelming time for parents,” Mr Elliott said.

“We are helping them save time and hassle, so they can spend more time with their newborn.

“This initiative focuses from conception through to age 5, allowing our children to have the best start from the very beginning.”

Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning Sarah Mitchell said the initiative is a long term approach that will have a multitude of generational benefits.

“We know that the first 2000 days of development are vital for children,” Ms Mitchell said.

“Early intervention, tailored health services, parental support and access to education are all things government can improve through better collaboration, and when this happens the benefits for our children increase exponentially.”

Brighter Beginnings: the first 2000 days of life initiative launches 30 October 2020 with a virtual conference that will bring together government leaders, policy makers, leading experts and researchers. The event will explore the importance of the first 2000 days of life from health, wellbeing and education perspectives, and opportunities for governments and service providers to work together for improved citizen experiences and life outcomes.