Baulkham Hills Animal Lovers Encouraged To ‘Adopt Not Shop’ This Christmas

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott has encouraged local residents to consider welcoming a new furry family member into their home to ‘adopt not shop’ this Christmas.

Mr Elliott said local residents adopting from local pounds, shelters and rehoming organisations are not only providing a new forever home for a homeless cat or dog but they can also take advantage of discounted pet registration fees.

“I encourage anyone looking for a new furry friend to join the family this Christmas to visit their nearest council pound, RSPCA shelter, or rehoming organisation,” Mr Elliottsaid.

“As well as being wonderful new companions, rehoming abandoned or lost cats and dogs has the added benefit of reducing the burden on these pounds, and shelters and, importantly, helps lower euthanasia rates.”

Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock said the ‘adopt not shop’ message was particularly relevant given the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in a large spike in new pets and additional pressure on pounds and shelters.

“It’s no surprise that people have turned to pets for comfort amid these challenging and uncertain times, as you cannot overstate the bond and companionship they bring to their owners,” Mrs Hancock said.

“Anyone considering adopting a pet this Christmas should also consider the ongoing responsibility and commitment required to care for a pet dog or cat.

“You need to be sure that you or the person you are buying a pet for can meet the long-term cost and care requirements of the animal.

“People adopting a rescue cat or dog also benefit from half-price lifetime pet registration fees, courtesy of the NSW Government.

“Since 2015, more than 54,000 pet owners in NSW have saved nearly $1.5 million in reduced pet registration fees.

“We have also reduced the lifetime cat registration fee by $10 this year to encourage higher registration rates and adoption of cats from pounds and shelters.”