Cheap, Reliable Electricity For NSW Homes And Businesses

Thousands of new jobs, billions of dollars of private sector investment and some of the cheapest electricity in the world are on the way for our State, with the Government’s Electricity Infrastructure Investment Bill 2020 passing through the NSW parliament. 

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP David Elliott said the Bill and the Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap it enables, will cement NSW’s spot as an energy and economic superpower.

“The NSW Government’s priority is keeping the lights on and getting electricity prices down for homes and businesses in the Baulkham Hills community,” Mr Elliott said.

“We need to get moving and ensure we have the next generation of electricity infrastructure in place to keep the grid cheap and reliable.

“Our plan does exactly that, and does it in a way that will create jobs, stimulate the economy, support our regions and protect NSW consumers.”

Energy Minister Matt Kean said the policy will support the private sector to bring 12 gigawatts of renewable energy and 2 gigawatts of storage, such as pumped hydro, online by 2030.

“It will give industry and investors the certainty they need to invest in the generation, storage, firming and transmission capacity we need – with more than $32 billion of private sector investment to be injected into the NSW economy by 2030,” Mr Kean said.

“It will help to create the jobs of the future, with 9,000 direct jobs by 2030 and more than 23,000 indirect jobs – mostly in the regions – in the next decade.

“And it will deliver the modern, cheap, reliable energy grid that will power NSW into the future and underwrite our prosperity for generations to come.”

For further information and to view the Roadmap visit: