Gillard Deaf To Hills Concerns: Elliott

Member for Baulkham Hills, David Elliott, slammed today’s announcement by the Gillard Government that no Federal funding would be provided for the construction of the Northwest Rail Link.

 Mr Elliott said that the policy ignorance of Julia Gillard would not stop the link being built.

 “The North West rail link is enshrined in law and will be built, no ifs, ands or buts,” Mr Elliott said.

 “Once again, the Gillard Government has demonstrated that it has all the policy intellect of a grapefruit.

 “If the Gillard Government had any interest in proper public policy outcomes, the North West rail link would be the first item on their agenda when it came to infrastructure.”

 Mr Elliott said this was a perfect example of what happens to a Government which has contempt for voters.

 “The Gillard Government lied about a carbon tax, they lied about poker machine reform, they lied about boatpeople and they lied about the private health insurance rebate,” Mr Elliott said.

 “It is clear that the Gillard Government has no respect for voters, and this decision just reinforces that.”

 Mr Elliott said that the Liberals will deliver the rail link, with or without Federal money.

 “Barry O’Farrell has kept faith with the residents of Baulkham Hills by honouring election commitments on transport, education and health, and he will honour his commitment to build the North West rail link,” Mr Elliott said.

 “Unlike Labor, The Liberals keep their word.”