Elliott Slams Labor’s Economic Vandalism

Member for Baulkham Hills, David Elliott, slammed the Gillard Government’s budget as ignoring basic economic responsibility.

 Mr Elliott said the most damning indictment on the budget was the decision by the Gillard Government to raise the national debt ceiling.

 “Ross Greenwood was absolutely correct on his radio show Money News,” Mr Elliott said.

 “If your sewage backs up and floods, do you raise the ceiling or do you clear the backed up effluent?

 “It is clear the Gillard Government would rather leave behind a horrible economic smell for Australians rather than clean up their own mess.”

 Mr Elliott said the heaviest impact would be felt on the two areas of responsibility most affecting Baulkham Hills residents: transport and roads.

 “The Gillard Government, due to its pathetic policies which will cost every Australian $733 a year for 20 years, has ripped $2 billion out of transport funding and is blackmailing the O’Farrell Government on Pacific Highway upgrades,” Mr Elliott said.

 “This will mean the NSW Government will have less money to invest in Pennant Hills Road, in extra bus services, in upgrades to Windsor Road and less money to relieve congestion on the M2 Motorway.”

 Mr Elliott said NSW Labor needed to come clean on its own policies.

 “NSW Labor, packed full with union and Labor hacks, needs to make clear whether they are going to stand with the people of NSW or the people who protect their own pre-selections,” Mr Elliott said.

 “Unlike Labor, the Liberals will stand up to Canberra and continue fighting for a fair share for NSW.”