Oath Of Allegiance Returns To NSW Parliament

Member for Baulkham Hills, David Elliott, and Member for Castle Hill, Dominic Perrottet, today spoke of their great pride in seeing the Oath of Allegiance returned to the NSW Parliament.

 “This bill is about recognising a basic constitutional reality in this country—namely, that Queen Elizabeth II is, by the Grace of God, Queen of Australia and her other realms and Territories, and head of the Commonwealth,’’ Mr Elliott said.

 “The actions of the Labor Party and others to implement Republicanism by stealth over the last 16 years have been met with closure by this change, and I hope this truly puts the issue to bed.”

 Mr Elliott said the Westminster system is a significant part of our heritage and our constitutional system of government.

 “Ever since the Magna Carta in 1215, the Westminster system has well served those societies who have decided to properly embrace it,” Mr Elliott said.

 “Government works best with the People’s House, a House of Review and an apolitical Head of State representing the interests of the people and that is what we are promoting by bringing back the Oath of Allegiance.”

 Mr Perrottet ridiculed those who said that the Oath was simply an old-fashioned anachronism which needed to be cast aside.

 “It is essential for the benefit of our generation and future generations of our great country that our traditions are not lightly cast aside,” Mr Perrottet said.

 “Symbols such as our flag and constitutionally valid traditions such as swearing an oath of allegiance to the Queen provide us with a stark reminder of where we have come from and represent the achievements and milestones of our early years as a nation.

 Mr Perrottet said he was proud of his role in the return of the Oath to Parliament.

 “I am proud to be part of a generation that respects and appreciates our past, a generation that has reinvigorated ANZAC Day, and a generation that overwhelmingly is of the view that our current constitutional arrangements should remain in place.

 “We are proud of our country, proud of our achievements and proud of our traditions.”