Commuter Parking Target For Solution

Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott believes commuter parking facilities must be a priority for incoming Councillors, who should publicly commit themselves to working with the State Government in order to provide more commuter car parking.

 Mr Elliott said he was hopeful of an outcome sooner rather than later.

 “One of the major complaints I see through the local traffic committee is the lack of adequate commuter parking in the Shire,” Mr Elliott said

 “The Northwest Rail Link is still a few years off yet, but that doesn’t mean we should be waiting until then to resolve our parking concerns.”

 Mr Elliott said he believed that while restrictions were an obvious solution, other options would be more effective.

 “I have already been working with Councillor Michelle Byrne in west ward and Yvonne Keane in central ward to see what options are available regarding the construction of parking facilities,” Mr Elliott said.

 “I have also written to the Minister responsible for Crown Lands to ask for commuter parking stations to be built on the vacant land at Torrs Street and on the vacant land between Railway Street and Windsor Road.”

 Councillor Byrne said she was looking forward to a resolution on the issue.

 “I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to help residents around Yattenden Crescent and Charles Street get their streets back and I would be delighted if parking stations were built to help relieve the parking burden.” Councillor Byrne said.

 Liberal candidate for central ward, Yvonne Keane, said that parking stations were necessary to ensure commuters travelling from outside the Shire did not impact on the standard of living of local residents.

 “Residents in Jenner Street and Railway Street should not lose their streets to commuters and any solution which can give residents their streets back can only be a positive result for the community.” Mrs Keane said.